Day 10

Dave’s Log, Stardate 12.10.2013.

Mission:          To observe and report the behavior of the Day children to the man in Red.

Day Ten:      Today was a good day in the Day family household. The theme of the day was the boy’s good behavior. It all started last night when I gave my nightly report to the big man in Red. I told him all about how the boy was being a good big brother and dealing with his sister’s antics in bed. The big man in Red then informed me of the good behavior he was observing from the boy when he wasn’t at the house for me to see. I learned that at the boy scout meeting the other day, the boy was looking out for his buddy, Joe*. Joe is very allergic cats and at the den leader’s house there are cats. Now every time the cat walked near the boys, Nate would tell Joe that the cat was close by. Joe’s mom thought that it was very nice of Nathan to be such a good friend. I was pleased to hear that Nate’s good behavior was not going unnoticed by the big man in Red. After coming home to the Day family residence I decided to poke around the master bedroom where the people in charge sleep. I wasn’t going to stay very long, but I lost track of the time. By the time I should have been looking for a place to hide, it was too late. The people were waking up and they caught me digging into the money jar, oops.

Day 10

Notes: 1. The boy found me first today. He even noted that I might get in trouble by Santa since I wasn’t where I was supposed to be. I am not exactly allowed to be near money. Elves like to spend money. Hopefully since the family caught me before I did anything rash, the big man in Red will forgive me. I promise to never let it happen again.

2. The boy had been bringing home good grades from school. I noticed that he has been earning 100% on his AR tests, whatever those are. It must be good since his mom keeps congratulating him on his achievements.

3. The boy must have been in good behavior mode all day today. He shoveled driveway, he cleaned his room, and he took out the garbage all without being asked by his mom. This is definitely going to be reported to the big man in Red. I can’t wait to tell him, he will be so happy.

That is all for today. More news will be reported tomorrow.

Signing Out, 


*Names have been changed for this story.


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