Day 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Dave’s Log, Stardate 12.15.2013.

Mission:          To observe and report the behavior of the Day children to the man in Red.

Day Eleven:    Boring! I just hung on spider cobweb covered deer antlers in the boy’s room all day.

Day Twelve:    Not as bad as the day before. The Lady in Charge finally put up the family Christmas tree. It took her forever to to put the tree up, does she not understand how important the tree is? Does she not enjoy Christmas? My mind was put at ease when she plugged the lights in and the tree lit up like a shining star. I just sat on the window sill and stared at the lights hypnotized.

Day Thirteen: It was a confusing and long day. After talking to the Big man in Red the night before, I flew back to my host family’s home and they weren’t there. The house was completely empty. It was terrifying, I thought that they had left me behind. I searched the house for clues to find out where they had gone to. I looked everywhere and tried to remember what the family had been talking about the day before. It hit me like a sack of candy canes on the head, they went to their cabin Up North. Once I figured out where they where, I hurried my little butt up there faster than you can say Jingle All the Way. Once I got to the cabin, I instantly fell in love with the place. It was cozy and warm. There was this neat little handmade boat that was the perfect size for me. The boat was facing a magnificent wreath hanging above the wood stove. The wreath was decked out in Blue and Gold lights and ornaments. I wish I could go back to the little boat it was so comfy.


Day Fourteen: On Saturday I decided to work on my muscles. I did some ab workouts hanging from a lamp. I feel stronger than ever now. After my personal gym time, I continued my observations. During the course of the day I was freaked out, disgusted, and excited. I was freaked out because the boys went hunting and brought back their game. I had thought that they had shot a reindeer! Of course they didn’t though, it was only common white tail deer. I got disgusted when they started gutting the deer in garage, gross. I got excited when the girls of the family started baking Christmas cookies. It smelled so sweet and delicious  throughout the whole cabin.


Day Fifteen: I had a great laugh today. The boy had broken his glasses a few days ago and hasn’t been able to see well. I was hiding in one of the bedrooms on a random shelf. The boy and the girl were having a contest to see who could find me first. The boy went into the bathroom to brush his teeth (without wearing his glasses) and thought he saw me on the top shelf in there. He started telling everyone he had found me and I just started laughing, because I knew he didn’t find me. I then heard him yell to everyone again saying “Never mind, I didn’t find him.”  His mom went to investigate what he had actually saw. It turns out that he thought he saw me because he couldn’t see very well. He confused me with a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner. The cleaner was red and white like me. I couldn’t believe it, he thought I was toilet cleaner. I was almost rolling on the floor I was laughing so hard.

That is all for now,

Signing Out,



Day 10

Dave’s Log, Stardate 12.10.2013.

Mission:          To observe and report the behavior of the Day children to the man in Red.

Day Ten:      Today was a good day in the Day family household. The theme of the day was the boy’s good behavior. It all started last night when I gave my nightly report to the big man in Red. I told him all about how the boy was being a good big brother and dealing with his sister’s antics in bed. The big man in Red then informed me of the good behavior he was observing from the boy when he wasn’t at the house for me to see. I learned that at the boy scout meeting the other day, the boy was looking out for his buddy, Joe*. Joe is very allergic cats and at the den leader’s house there are cats. Now every time the cat walked near the boys, Nate would tell Joe that the cat was close by. Joe’s mom thought that it was very nice of Nathan to be such a good friend. I was pleased to hear that Nate’s good behavior was not going unnoticed by the big man in Red. After coming home to the Day family residence I decided to poke around the master bedroom where the people in charge sleep. I wasn’t going to stay very long, but I lost track of the time. By the time I should have been looking for a place to hide, it was too late. The people were waking up and they caught me digging into the money jar, oops.

Day 10

Notes: 1. The boy found me first today. He even noted that I might get in trouble by Santa since I wasn’t where I was supposed to be. I am not exactly allowed to be near money. Elves like to spend money. Hopefully since the family caught me before I did anything rash, the big man in Red will forgive me. I promise to never let it happen again.

2. The boy had been bringing home good grades from school. I noticed that he has been earning 100% on his AR tests, whatever those are. It must be good since his mom keeps congratulating him on his achievements.

3. The boy must have been in good behavior mode all day today. He shoveled driveway, he cleaned his room, and he took out the garbage all without being asked by his mom. This is definitely going to be reported to the big man in Red. I can’t wait to tell him, he will be so happy.

That is all for today. More news will be reported tomorrow.

Signing Out, 


*Names have been changed for this story.

Day 9

Dave’s Log, Stardate 12.9.2013.

Mission:          To observe and report the behavior of the Day children to the man in Red.

Day Nine:      Today was a long day and boring day. No one found me until way late into the day. I hung out in Barbie’s camouflage tent all day. The location couldn’t have been better. The tent was situated next to a festive pink and purple decorated Christmas tree with twinkle lights and character ornaments. There were ornaments for The Little Mermaid, Spongebob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, ballerinas, and the Disney Princesses. I played I Spy on the tree to pass the time, I looked out the window and watched the clouds roll by, and took very long naps. 

Dave in Tent

Notes: 1.  Nathan seemed distraught today. I think I may have hurt his feelings assuming he was going to be a chump on my first day at the Day family household. I know Nathan is a good boy scout and a good big brother. He can be a little smelly but is generally well behaved at home. I know that there are some kids around the world that are really naughty. I hope that Nate will forgive me one day for calling him a chump, he isn’t actually. I know that he isn’t a chump because he puts up with his sister all day long and all night. I have noticed that the girl subject is scared of the dark and the her brother has been sleeping in the big bed with her. I have also noticed that the girl subject hogs the bed, rolls around, and steals the blankets. The girl has been forcing Nathan to roll all the way to the side of the bed to cling on for dear life during the night; while at the same time digging her feet into his back. (The girl always ends up in weird positions during the night) 

There are no other comments for the day.

Signing Out,


Day 8

Dave’s Log, Stardate 12.8.2013.

Mission:          To observe and report the behavior of the Day children to the man in Red.

Day Eight:      It has been a very busy weekend for my host family. There has hardly been anything to report. I didn’t really have anything to share with the Big man in Red. Which I guess in this case means, no news is good news. The marshmallows the other night was not enough to fill me up, so I went to search for more sugar Saturday Night. I found one of the best machines in the world, a CANDY MACHINE!! The lady in charge actually has a candy machine with coins next to it in her kitchen. The candy machine was filled with Skittles, one of the most amazing candies ever. I actually ate all of them. I am a little ashamed of myself, but I was stuffed afterwards. I am not complaining, but the Skittles were a little a stale. But hey sugar is sugar, right? 

Notes: 1. Once I again, I woke up in a sugar coma. I was groggy and barely aware of my surroundings. I do not know who found me first. I was completely out of it. I when I came to everyone was in the process of getting ready to go a Christmas party. I almost think they had forgotten about me. But that is all good. I spent the day recovering from my sugar binge eating.


That is all for today.

Signing Out,


Day 7

Dave’s Log, Stardate 12.7.2013.

Mission:          To observe and report the behavior of the Day children to the man in Red.

Day Seven:        It has been awhile since I have posted in my log. I will make this quick then. The Big man in Red was disappointed that Kaytlyn had lied to her mom, but he was very pleased to know that she apologized to me and to her mom. So I think we are in the clear with that little incident. Coming back to the Day Family house on Friday night, I realized I hadn’t eaten anything since arriving LAST Sunday! Now my diet only consists of sugar, that is how elves can stay active watching kids and building toys. I went in searching in the cupboards for anything that would fulfill my sugar needs and I found the jackpot, Marshmallows! Not just plain Marshmallows either, ice cream coned shaped and flavored. There was vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavored ice cream marshmallows. I love Marshmallows, I love Ice Cream, I do not like cones. So I ate what I love, just the ice cream parts of the Marshmallows. I was eating and eating and having so much fun, that I must have fallen asleep in the marshmallow bag. Best Night Ever.


Notes: 1. I believe it was the girl who found me first? I am not entirely sure. I was in a sugar coma when I woke up and was staring at a bunch of marshmallows. I also had my head stuck in a bag, so I couldn’t see or hear very well. I was also starting to breathe very heavily, like I wasn’t getting enough oxygen to breathe. But the air was filled with the most beautiful sugar smell.

2. At some point both subjects were in the room and talking about me with one of the ones in charge. I believe they were trying to explain to the one in charge that I was suffocating, whatever that means. Then I passed out I think, it all went black. Next thing I knew I was sitting in the kitchen by a big black bowl thingy.


3. I found out later that the kids thought I wasn’t breathing and saved my life by dumping me out of the bag. They didn’t even touch me, so I didn’t lose any of my magic. The man in charge did adjust me so that I could breathe properly and set me next to the wall in case I passed out again.

4. I am very grateful to my host family saving my life. I wouldn’t be writing this without them. Thank You!!

5. I sat and rested the rest of the day. I observed and took notes. One of the older siblings had come back yesterday. It looks like she is only visiting though for a short time, then leaving again tomorrow. Weird, I wonder what that is all about.

Lucky for me, the only adventure was my binge eating last night and almost suffocating this morning. I will report more tomorrow.

Signing out,


Day 6

Dave’s Log, Stardate 12.6.2013.

Mission:          To observe and report the behavior of the Day children to the man in Red.

Day Six:        Another day, another observation or two. After yesterday’s little accident over using up the Kindle battery I have been trying to be on my best behavior too. I put away the pillow and folded up the blanket I used. The big man in Red wasn’t pleased I had upset the subjects, oh well. Last night I decided to check out some of the other toys in the living room. I met some nice dolls and trucks. There was one doll in particular that was very talkative. This doll’s name was Barbie and she was hanging out at the puppet theater. She knows all kinds of things about the subjects. Maybe I will recruit her to help me make observations.

Notes: 1. Finally after 5 days of hiding, the boy found me first. What a relief, I thought he was never going to be able to find me before his little sister did. Although, he does like to gloat a lot.

2. The girl subject thought it was hilarious that I was hanging out with her Barbie at the puppet theater. But after the Mom in Charge took our picture, it all went downhill. The girl moved Barbie to play with her and unfortunately I was sitting on Barbie’s dress. I tipped over onto my side. Then a terrible thing happened…the girl told a lie! She blamed the accident on Nathan! This bad behavior and now I have to tell Santa. But the girl feels really bad about telling a lie now. I could tell because she started to cry and hide under a table. Her mom made her apologize to me. I hope she isn’t traumatized.


3. The boy made me Christmas Tree card last night and left it next to me on the bed. That was so nice of him. I will love it forever. Maybe I will make Nathan something in return.


4. To apologize for telling a lie, the girl has written me a note. She is very upset and sorry for telling a lie. I am glad that she has taken responsibility for her actions.


Communication 1:

Dave: “Hello, My name is Dave the Elf. What is your name?”

Barbie: “Hello, My name is Barbie. What are you doing here? Where did you come from? How long are you staying? Do you like my dress? Do you know where my shoes are? Do you want to dance? I love dancing, its my favorite! I also love shopping, make-up, glitter, snow, snowflakes, shoes, snowmen, movies, ballet, tap, jazz, pink, purple, and everything in the whole world!”

Dave: “Ummm, you talk a lot and too fast. Do you know anything about the girl and the boy?”

Barbie: “I know everything about them. I can tell you that Kaytlyn likes to dance, sing, likes pink and purple, princesses, dolls, dora, and even SpongeBob. Nathan likes hunting, fishing, mud, boy scouts, nerf guns, trucks, games, the outside, and green.”

Dave: (kinda freaked out now by how fast Barbie talks, but grateful about all the info) “That is great information. How would you like to be recruited to help me observe the two subjects?”


Dave: “Uhhhh, ok, great.” (now regretting talking to Barbie)

Comunication 2:

Mom: (concerned) “Kaytlyn, what happened to Dave?” (seeing that I had fallen over)

Kaytlyn: “I don’t know. Maybe Nathan did it.”

Mom: “You need to tell the truth or Dave might tell Santa.”

Kaytlyn: (sobbing) “I don’t know!!” (hides under a table)

Mom: (concerned again) “You need to tell Dave that you are sorry.”

Kaytlyn: (scoots over to me on her butt) “Sorry Dave.” (possibly traumatized now)

Dave: “It was an accident, its ok. Just don’t lie anymore Kaytlyn, that was not ok.”


Communication 3:

Nathan: “I made this card for Dave. I wonder why he didn’t he didn’t leave it in his locker at the North Pole.”

Dave: “Thanks for the card Nathan, I loved it. I didn’t take the card with me because my pockets aren’t big enough to carry it on the quick trips to the North Pole. On Christmas Eve when its my last day here, Santa picks up all of the elves and all of the gifts the kids make them and carries them back to the North Pole.”

Signing out,


Day 5

Dave’s Log, Stardate 12.5.2013.

Mission:          To observe and report the behavior of the Day children to the man in Red.

Day Five:        Another crazy day come and gone. After my usual meeting with the big man in Red, Mrs. Claus stopped me on my way back to Day family house. Mrs. Claus likes to bake for everyone at the North Pole. Last night she had made extra cookies and asked if I wanted to share with my two subjects, Nathan and Kaytlyn. Of course, since they been on their best behavior lately, I said yes. I flew back to my home and wrote the subjects a note and placed the cookies on a plate. I then climbed into Nathan’s bed, grabbed Kaytlyn’s baby blanket, and settled in to watch Elf Bowling: The Movie on Nathan’s kindle.

Notes: 1. Both of the subjects found me at the same time this morning. They startled me awake when they barged into the room looking for me.

2. They greatly enjoyed the cookies from Mrs. Claus. They even giggled and thought it was very nice of her to send cookies. They thought the cookies were delicious. Especially the chocolate candies.


After finding me sprawled across Nathan’s bed.

Kayltyn: “HEY, that’s my baby blanket!”

Mom: “He must have watched an elf movie last night.”

Nathan: (grumbling) “Yeah, probably four times.”

*Nathan was upset that I used up most of his kindle battery last night…oops.

Signing out,